Amarasinghe Electronics (PVT) Ltd

Amarasinghe Electronics (PVT) Limited is a leading electronic solutions provider which envisions Innovation, creation and fostering the development of electronic technology in Sri Lanka. Specializing in various electronic solutions such as Automatic billing systems, TVRO systems, Fuel station automation systems and Microcontroller based R&D. With an uncompromising and exceptional leadership, they have managed to show exceptional performance throughout the years and be the champions of change which creates the future. While it primarily caters for factories and fuel stations, currently it manages a large base of upper class clientele. It capitalizes on the product of Fuel station automation. Their new monitoring software comes with standard user-friendly software which could also be custom-designed on request. It also serves the customer by Providing information and After-sales services, Online services such as updating software and resolving issues, Providing advice, On-location installation, Repair and Maintenance of Hardwar